Innovation happens when you choose to break the code to achieve desired results.  We remain stagnate when we limit our experience to the confines of existing technology and platforms.

All it takes is a flicker. Rarely triggered, typically brilliant, a spark of genius is born. My creativity sees no bounds and possibilities are limitless. Join me outside the box – it’s a heck of a lot more fun out here.

Angele Lafond

Angele Lafond


Experience Design | Writer | Public Speaker | Industry Analyst

My expertise is buyer psychology, my passion is speaking, and my magic is creating outstanding experiences.

Dear Denny and the Ottawa hiring team,

Please consider my application for the position of Marketing Specialist. This package aims to demonstrate my extensive experience in research, UX/UI, service & system design, graphic design, and data analysis. Moreover, I believe I have a unique set of aptitudes which make me the ideal candidate for any experience design or research position.

A (video) case study showcasing my achievements and body of work can be found at

I am your best candidate for this job, and I endeavor to show you why.

Passion Projects

The butcher’s website (see ‘Custom Graphics & Interactions’, below) and the chip-covered nuts (see ‘Product Photography & Graphics’, below) were both passion projects, as was the campaign I designed for an adult toy company after observing their struggles at an influencer event.

That campaign remains in concept, and I would love to show you the experience I designed to deal with the ‘bloggers gone wild’ problem of giving away vibrators.

Attendees still get their product, but the company would also receive the maximum exposure to influencers’ audience during the conference weekend and leave with a pre-vetted list of bloggers who will work for them.

Maximum exposure, quantified leads, and a successful influencer campaign makes for a great return on investment and can be applied to any trade show or public event.

“A Killer Design”

The magnetic knife bar and cleavers you ‘pull down’ as you hover over the menu items are my favorite part of this project. There is passion (and pride) in each element and every line of code on that site. It is AODA compliant, puts the user first, and is visually beautiful – but those knives never cease to make me smile.

“It’s Nuts”

I met the company’s art director at a conference and she (clandestinely – it was an allergy conference) gave me a sample of a new product being launched.  They weren’t sure what to call them, or which direction to follow in packaging design as – at the time – you couldn’t find anything similar on the market.  I had a clear vision in my mind as she spoke and asked if I could send her a proof of concept by the end of the week – they would be going to packaging in the following month.

They loved my design, but they had advanced the launch date and the product had already gone to packaging.  Ultimately it was decided the change would be too costly.


I bring with me exceptional UX research and system design abilities including competitor analysis, conceptual modelling, personas, storyboards, scenarios, and prototypes. I can translate marketing objectives into strategies and plans; I have proven success in developing and executing comprehensive marketing plans.

I have demonstrated experience using data analysis to inform design decisions. I have designed systems and tools which have directly influenced industry advancements and are now industry-standard in their respective fields.

I am a strong advocate for great design and delivering outstanding experiences at all touch points. I have a deep understanding of people and the influence of culture and socioeconomic demographics on consumer behaviour and purchasing habits. I’m speaking on this at PodCamp in Toronto next week.

Complex systems problems spanning multiple contexts fascinate me and I have a passion for solving them. I have solid project management skills and work well in deadline-driven environments.

I embrace collaborative efforts and welcome perspective from other disciplines. I have a proven history of seeking input and building strong working relationships with peers and other business areas. This article is a great example of my collaborative approach to problem-solving.


I have empathy and deep understanding of consumer behaviour and buyer psychology. I can interpret user needs and translate them into requirements.

I think in pictures, not words. Visual thinking transforms problems and solutions to 3D models I can view and manipulate from various perspectives.

Hyper-focusing allows me to ‘get in my zone’ and complete large tasks quickly and efficiently.

I’m a ‘need to know’ person and uncover everything there is to know when exploring a new subject. No stone is left unturned, and I’ve become adept at recognizing duplicate sources of information and dubious content.

As an autodidact I easily teach myself new skills, I learn fast, and I learn well. I quickly gain expert level proficiency when learning new applications and systems.

As a true polymath my expertise spans multiple industries.

To solve problems, I combine knowledge from different areas of expertise to create out-of-the-box solutions. This unique perspective allows me to see (and consider) secondary effects and present a holistic view of complex concepts.

I am passionate, dedicated, and self-taught. My journey provides a rare blend of insights.

I look forward to discussing how my unique perspective and experience make me the ideal candidate for the position of Marketing Specialist for the Womanizer brand products. I have a passion for details, I appreciate the big picture, and am confident in my abilities.

Should you have any questions regarding my application, please reach out. I am available to meet at your convenience and am best reached by email at


In considering my candidacy for employment, please watch the above video and visit my CV. I’ve also included links to my business ventures, my speaking, my blogs, and my portfolios.